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We choose the freshest, seasonal, domestic only (local when available) flowers each day to make our unique modern “farm chic” arrangements. Our approach to ordering flowers could not be simpler. No longer do you need to spend time choosing between dozens, of high priced bouquets. Just choose the vessel, and we will make a sensational garden gorgeous bouquet. Give it a try, and be assured every hand styled arrangement is perfect and guaranteed to impress!


Did you know?... 80% of all flowers sold in the US are imported? We believe in supporting our American flower farmer, local businesses, and communities—and hope you do too! We diligently source our flowers from local growers, roof top farms, and wholesalers. Our vases are USA made and NYC artisan crafted. We also offer eco recycled burlap and New York Times newspaper wraps.


Let’s face it—flowers are beautiful! Whatever the season, we have plenty of gorgeous flowers for us to choose from. It’s so exciting for us when seasons change! Each time they do, we are rewarded with a whole new palette of colors, textures, scents, and shapes to work with. This is NYC, fashion capital of the world. We say be “in style” with domestic, fresh seasonal flowers. We think it is “out of style” to use imported, out of season flowers.

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